Maintenance Club
$65 weekly, $85 biweekly, $100 monthly

Our maintenance club is perfect for the individual who likes their car to look out the showroom all the time. In the club you will receive our premium detail at a fraction of the cost.

Premium Detail
$100 Sedan $150Suv

In our premium detail clients will receive- Rims and tires cleaned, exterior hand wash, spray wax, tire shine and windows cleaned. Interior vacuum, steam cleaning, scrubbing on all doors, the dashboard, and cupholders which is all finished off with trim conditioner and UV protection.

Premium Plus
$300 Sedan $350Suv

In the premium plus detail, our clients receive the exact same procedure on the exterior of the car. For the interior we do everything that is included in our premium package but we add interior shampoo and extraction. The benefit of this package is that any stains or dirt stuck in your upholstery will be removed.

Our Services

Wash and Wax
$250 Sedan $300 Suv

This package includes a full exterior detail of the rims, hand wash, iron decontamination to remove all contaminates, clay bar and ceramic wax.

1 Step Paint Correction
$400 Sedan $500 Suv

This package includes a full exterior detail, hand wash, iron decontamination, clay bar and a 1 step paint correction. This process will remove light scratches and scuffs, along with swirl marks that are inbeded in the clear coat. 

5 Year Ceramic Coating
$750 Sedan $900 Suv

Ceramic coating protects a car’s paint from blemishes and damage while keeping it cleaner for longer. After application, it also makes maintenance  washes easier and shields the car from harmful UV rays. Ceramic coating creates intense water beading and dirt run-off and gives a car an extremely glossy shine. This package includes a full exterior detail and paint correction before the coating is applied.

Our Services

Pet Hair Removal
$185 sedan $225 Suv

 This package is perfect for the client who takes their pets with them in their car frequently. The car will receive a vaccum, carpet fiber scrubbing, steam cleaning, disinfecting of all surfaces including cupholders, doors, windows, ac vents, etc. All pet hair will be removed, Additional $50 for exterior wash.


2 Step Paint Correction
$600 sedan $750 Suv

In this package the cars paint will be completely transformed. With the 2 step paint correction the car will first receive a hand wash along with the rims being detailed. Next up is the iron decontamination bath, paired with the claybar. The last steps are a complete paint correction with compound to remove imperfections and swirls followed up by a full polish to make the paint pop and look wet.

Full package detail
$1,200 sedan $1,500 Suv

This package is perfect for someone who just bought their first car or is looking to sell their car. This package contains the deepest interior detail possible that starts with our team removing the seats and doing a full carpet shampoo to the entire floor and seats, Full steam cleaning, disinfection bath, all trims conditioned and scrubbed, windows cleaned. Then for the exterior we will start with the basic hand wash followed up by an iron decontamination bath, claybar treatment, polish, finished off with a ceramic spray wax and tire shine. This package is for the client looking for a full transformation to their car and the detail will take 24hrs.